BIBS core facility

BIBS core facility

Gathering and sharing expertise, skills and equipment
A core facility dedicated to the characterization of Bioresources: Imaging, Biochemistry and Structure. The BIBS platform has been awarded the IBISA label and is certified under the ISO 9001 quality standard. The platform is accessible to academic research units and private users.

Team leader : Sophie Le Gall


Team members

Permanent staff : Stéphane Bansard, Catherine Deborde, Angélina D'Orlando, Xavier Falourd, Mathieu Fanuel, Loïc Foucat, Sophie Le Gall, David Legland, Virginie Lollier, Bérengère Marais, Bruno Novales, Hélène Rogniaux, David Ropartz, Loric Thoulouze

PhD students: Albane Lysiak (2019-2022), Simon Ollivier (2019-2022), Adrien Lissarrague (2019-2022), Laura Rezette (2021-2024), Guilhem Maillard (2022-2025), Fanny Vinter (2022-2025)

Non-permanent staff & post-doctoral fellows: Pascale Millart, Grégoire Prunier, Ali Boulgsoa

Administrative staff: Sylvaine Bizon, Laurence Chevrel

Context and objectives

The expertise of BIBS lies in the structural analysis of biopolymers, in multi-scale and multimodal imaging and in data processing (spectra and images). This expertise applies to systems of agronomic or agricultural origin, in the broad sense (terrestrial or marine plants, plant tissues or organs, food matrices, biosourced materials, etc.)

Specifically, the approaches developed allow:

  • the identification and the quantification of biopolymers
  • the determination of their fine structure (polysaccharides and proteins)
  • the screening of bioresources on some compositional and structural characteristics of their cell wall
  • the mulitmodal and multiscale imaging of the systems
  • the study of the molecules dynamics in the systems, and of the interaction between biopolymers


The platform has the highest level of scientific equipment and expertise in four fields of analytical chemistry: mass spectrometry, microscopy, NMR and chemical phenotyping. It benefits from the support of a dedicated bioinformatics group.


Bioresources, biopolymers, structure, variability, localisation, imaging, interactions, polysaccharides, proteins

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