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The BIA Unit in some words and key figures

In a context of demographic transitions, food, environmental and energy constraints, and awareness of the links between these factors and public health, the BIA Unit's researches focus on the sustainable transformation of agricultural resources and plant biomass, by integrating the whole processing chain of these resources from construction during the plant development to deconstruction in their end-use.


To achieve this objective, 3 scientific priorities are identified:
1- Control of the quality of crop production to meet the different uses in a context of sustainable agriculture
2- Improvement and development of healthy and sustainable formulated foods for targeted functionalities
3- Design of composite biosourced materials in a biomass valorization perspective

Key figures :

120 permanent staff members: 70 researchers and engineers, 50 technical and administrative staff members

30 PhD students, 20 post-doctoral fellows 

Per year: 10 CSD, 30 students (masters, engineers, short course)   


11 September 2023

By: MW

BIOMATA, an international laboratory associated with the Scion Institute of New Zealand dedicated to biobased products

The BIOMATA International associated laboratory will provide fundamental and applied knowledge using resources from plant biomass for the development of biosourced materials for the design of materials of the future. The research carried out is part of a circular economy approach, which minimizes the ecological footprint of manufacturing processes and integrates the end-of-life of products, right from their design phase.
Claire Berton-Carabin makes an important contribution as research director at the BIA (Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies) unit of the INRAE Pays de la Loire Research Center, focusing on the nutritional quality and sustainability of foods, and in particular on lipids and emulsions.
Save the date! The 31st International Conference on Polyphenols ICP 2023 will take place from July 3 to 6, 2023 in Nantes!

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