COST, 7th meeting group ImpARAS

Finalization of COST, Action FA1402 ImpARAS

A meeting group was organised in Nantes on 2 and 3 October 2018 for the closing of COST ImpARAS

This network brings together researchers from across the European Union to improve the assessment of the risk of allergy to new food proteins, using relevant in vitro and in vivo methods. The strategies developed in this project will help to develop the introduction of new proteins to the market; they can help food companies and food safety authorities to make risk management decisions and to address consumer concerns about the safety of these proteins.

The Allergy team is involved in this project and organised this last meeting group, which has discussed the following topics:

  • The physicochemical and biochemical properties of allergens, their modification by food processes, the influence of the food matrix and digestion
  • The mechanisms of food allergy and the activation of the innate and adaptive immune system by allergens
  • In vitro and in vivo methods based on this knowledge that can be used in allergic risk assessment
  • Risk assessment strategies and their use by the agri-food industry

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Within the framework of this project, there were various exchanges between the partner research centres, called STSM (Short-term scientific missions), in order to promote collaboration and the sharing of new techniques and equipment. Three doctoral students from the Allergy team therefore each had the opportunity to carry out an STSM in a laboratory in Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. In return, the team hosted three young researchers from these countries (Anne-Sofie Ravn Ballegaard, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet ; Simona Bavaro, Istituto di Scienze delle Produzioni Alimentari ; Luigia Di Stasio, Istituto di Scienze dell’Alimentazione)


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