The DeepProt ANR project aims to improve the characterization of proteins by decrypting the chemical modifications they carry, whether they are post-transductional modifications that modulate cellular functioning or modifications induced by food processes.

Based on a 'big data' motif search approach in very large collections of mass spectrometry spectra, the SpecOMS software developed recently as part of a thesis by two of the project partners, raised a methodological lock for the identification of modified proteins. Based on this development, DeepProt now wishes to take up the challenge of a better interpretation rate of spectra.

In addition to the development of new algorithms, DeepProt will deal with spectrum panel from two major scientific questions: the study of protein modifications induced by food processes (study related to food allergenicity) and the metaproteomics of  intestinal microbiota(for new therapeutic perspectives).

  • Project duration : 4 years
  • Coordination : Hélène Rogniaux (Unité BIA - plateforme BIBS)
  • Academic partners:
    • INRA – BIA
    • Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes (LS2N - Combi team)
    • Proteomic Analysis Platform of Paris Sud-Ouest (PAPPSO - Le Moulon)
  • Total budget : 506 k€

Modification date : 16 December 2020 | Publication date : 22 February 2019 | Redactor : V Rampon