MATIERES Regional Program

The MATIERES regional programme brings together the skills of 11 laboratories and 2 industrialists around the two competitiveness clusters Elastopôle and EMC2 of the The Pays de la Loire Region. It is coordinated by Bernard Cathala, Deputy Director of the BIA Unit.


In the current energy transition scene, global warming and fossil resources depletion issues are no longer to prove, the time is at solutions.

MATIERES gathers many skills in different regional laboratories in Western France in order to bring solutions to environmental challenges, based on recycling, reusing wooden wastes or elastomer like rubber to develop a national visibility on this thematic.

Indeed, this program fits in the bioeconomy dynamic with a strategy on the generic term “rubber, materials and biobased plastics", strong field in the Pays de la Loire area with the presence of clusters such as Elastopôle and Pôle EMC2.

This project gathers 11 academic partners (research laboratories and engineer schools) and 2 companies engaged in the waste sector. Bernard Cathala (BIA Unit) is the coordinator of the scientific program which includes 3 work packages and 10 scientific subjects.

Modification date: 11 September 2023 | Publication date: 16 November 2017 | By: M Weber