Major projects

Major projects

Major projects in which the unit is engaged

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Plant Proteins Physics (PAPP) is a new research group funded by the regional RFI Food for Tomorrow program "Attractivity New Team". Its objective is to increase the use of plant storage proteins in food matrices.

01 March 2018


The IMAM project is funded under the regional RFI Food for Tomorrow programme "Attractivity New Team". Its objective is to identify new therapeutic and/or preventive targets to stop the allergy and its progression.
This new project led by the Solina company was selected during the 24th call for projects of the Single Inter-ministerial Fund (FUI-Regions). It involves 8 private and public partners including the BIA unit.
The MOON project is part of the themes and within the framework of the Institut Carnot Qualiment, which deals with the nutritional and sensory quality of foods.

30 January 2020


The aim of the ANR-funded project CIMMAP is to characterize the effects of an antenatal prebiotics supplementation on the immune system maturation and the composition of the intestinal microbiota and milk in order to prevent infant allergy.

31 May 2020


The ANR-funded project CELLMACH aims to produce molecular machines from cellulose nanocrystals.

11 September 2023


The BIA Unit is involved in the European GreenProtein project funded under the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking call (H2020).
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11 September 2023


This project, which is part of the SERENADE Labex, aims to control the release kinetics of Ag+ ions for biocidal activity using a hybrid cellulose / nanosilver material.

11 September 2023


The PHENOME project aims to equip the French scientific community with an infrastructure able to measure the agronomic characteristics of plants subjected to various climate scenarios and technical itineraries associated with global change, using precise and high throughput methods.

11 September 2023


The BREEDWHEAT project aims to support the competitiveness of the French wheat breeding sector by responding to society's challenges for sustainable and quality production.

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