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Legal Notices

The General Data Protection Regulation » (GDPR) establishes a new framework for the protection of your personal data since May 2018. Our legal notices have been modified to reflect these changes.

Site Identification

Site name: website of the INRA Research Unit "Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies"
Full site URL:

Site Publisher(s)

INRAE is a public scientific and technical establishment headquartered at 147, rue de l’Université – 75338 Paris CEDEX 07. Its statutes are published in the French rural and maritime fishing code (Code rural et de la pêche maritime) (Articles R831-1 et seq.).

It is represented by its President, Mr Philippe MAUGUIN.
Email contact: - phone: 01 42 75 00 00

Identification Numbers

SIREN: 180070039
APE Code: 7219Z
Intra-community VAT number: FR 57 1800700039

Site Publication

Name of the Publication Director: Philippe MAUGUIN
Name of the Publication Manager: Bernard CATHALA (BIA Unit Head)
Webmaster: Magalie WEBER  (BIA Unit staff member)


Site Host

Public scientific and technical establishment
147, rue de l’Université – 75338 Paris CEDEX 07
+33 1 42 75 90 00

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